Community Development Block Grant

Lake Agassiz Development Group manages the North Dakota Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) for Cass, Ransom, Richland, Sargent, Steele and Traill counties. This grant opportunity is for municipalities and non-profit organizations located therein. Eligible projects include new infrastructure installation, infrastructure repair, community facilities, or any project that leads to the creation or retention of jobs available to low- and-moderate income individuals. Infrastructure or facilities projects must be located in a city that falls below the income threshold, unless it can be determined it is an urgent need that is also beyond the municipality’s ability to pay.

After reviewing CDBG applications, LADG prepares an annual program distribution statement and recommends qualified projects to the North Dakota Division of Community Services. Once project funding has been approved, LADG obtains contracts from local grantees to administer project funds on their behalf. LADG also helps local leaders prepare applications for community development projects that request funds from other sources.

Since 1990, LADG has administered 200 CDBG funded projects totaling $28,755,581.84. Activities eligible to be funded with CDBG must meet one of three national objectives: benefit to low and very low income persons, elimination of slum and blight, or meeting an urgent need.

The following link leads to a guide describing the regulations and requirements of the CDBG program. It is critical that any aspiring applicant carefully read and ask for clarification, if needed. Failure to follow instructions during the pre-application phase will disqualify the project from being considered.


Main Street Guide

Public Facilities Guide

Urgent Need Guide

FY20 Program Distribution Statement 

Administrative Charge Policy

Engineering/Architectural Report Format (required for projects >$50,000)

FY20 Removal of Architectural Barriers Pre-Application

FY20 Main Street Pre-Application

FY20 Public Facilities Pre-Application